All about buying refurbished iPhones in UAE

iPhones are a dream too costly to be afforded by commoners and yet we all dream of owning one ourselves. However, times are changing and so is consumer behavior and market dynamics. The Middle East, especially UAE has found a novel way to fulfill the masses’ dream of owning an iPhone. There has been a sudden surge in the market for refurbished and used iPhones among other electronic gadgets.

The growth in used and refurbished mobile phones market has opened new avenues for businesses to flourish and has created a sense of sustainability and price-consciousness among smartphone buyers. The growth in this segment is primarily due to the promotional discounts and competitive prices at which the premium smartphones like iPhones are offered. In fact, witnessing the growing market segment, many renowned brands including Apple have started partnering with top sellers in this segment. The used and refurbished iPhone’s market in UAE has been clocking in some outstanding numbers, predominantly due to the rise in demand for refurbished iPhones.

Listing a few reasons why the refurbished iPhones flourishing in UAE:

  • The demand for refurbished iPhones has gone up exponentially owing to the attractive price point.
  • Even though these phones are refurbished, they come with identical technological precision as the new ones.
  • Availability of refurbished iPhones has played a crucial role in the rise in the market segment
  • More and more retailers are betting big on this segment. Refurbished iPhones are especially popular among e-tailers owing to the rise in mobile e-commerce.
  • Added warranty by the seller on refurbished iPhones (however, the tenure may vary from seller to seller and depend on a variety of factors).

Checkpoints for buyers to select the right partners to buy iPhones:

  • Check the product specifications: Check the product specifications and details to stay informed about what you’re buying
  • Check for the product conditions: Check what is the iPhones condition in terms of wear and tear and if it is well-serviced before it is sold.
  • Compare the prices and other promotional offers: Compare the product price and other offers and discounts across sellers to choose the best deal for you
  • Check for the brand and/or seller warranty: Even refurbished phones come with a warranty which differs from seller to seller and is also dependant on the products. Buyers are advised to confirm any doubts they might have regarding the warranty with the seller.
  • Check for the return policy: Like every other electronic device and a brand new iPhone, even a refurbished or used iPhone comes with a return policy provided by the seller. However, the period within which the product can be returned can vary from seller to seller. It is always advisable to read or ask for the terms and conditions regarding return policy beforehand.

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