Reasons to own a pre-owned iPhone on your next mobile handset haul

For the numerous gadget-savvy people like me, iPhones and other Apple products are a dream. However, not all of us can afford a high end and overtly expensive phone like this. So should we stop dreaming owing and using an iPhone just because we can’t afford one? I say ‘NO’! Even if we cannot afford a brand new iPhone, we can always look at buying used or pre-owned (but in good condition) ones available in the market. 

The pre-owned smartphone market in India is expected to spike exponentially and touch base $4billion by the end of this year (2020), according to a Deloitte report. This is as a result of the Indian consumer market behavior that is observed to switch to a new mobile handset every 10-12 months. The craze for iPhones had always been there in the market. However owing to the pricing factors, these phones haven’t been able to capture a large portion of the market who continue to invest in less expensive android devices. However, the growth and rising popularity of pre-owned and refurbished iPhones have led to many individuals investing in the Apple-made phones, but at a reasonable pricing point. In addition to the pricing factor, the rising availability of pre-owned iPhones has also marked a difference in the market as iPhone patrons also look at upgrading to the latest iOS phone every 1-2 years.

If you’re still in a dilemma if buying a pre-owned iPhone is a wise choice or not, let us help you in making a more informed decision today. Listing some of the reasons for you to buy a pre-owned iPhone below:

  • Wallet-friendly bargain: The otherwise expensive iPhones can be grabbed at a good bargain when bought in a pre-owned condition, without having to punch a hole in your pocket.
  • Excellent condition: If you are bothered by the term used or pre-owned and are worried about the conditions, let me clarify, many pre-owned iPhones are just as good as the mint new ones. Some of them are hardly used for days, others refurbished to offer the excellence at par brand new iPhones.
  • Assured warranty on purchase: Although these phones were pre-owned, they do come with a warranty from the sellers, however the manufacturer warranty may or may not be valid. The validity of warranty may differ from seller to seller and product to product. We would urge you to check the same with the seller before you buy the product.
  • Quality refurbishment: In the case of iPhones that have been used to some extent sellers ensure a thorough refurbishment process before selling them in the market. Hence, these phones are as good as a new one.
  • High shelf-life of iPhones: Being built on high-end technology and superlative internal circuits and components, iPhones come with a longer shelf-life or life-cycle as opposed to common misconceptions.
  • Reducing ecological damage: For every new electronic device to be manufactured a huge chunk of rapidly diminishing rare metals and minerals are used such as cobalt, etc. Buying a new phone every time you want to upgrade to a newer version or change your handset would only imply that you’re contributing to the draining of such rare metals. On the other hand, the electronic wastes that are dumped in the junkyards also emit toxic chemicals into the land and sea (wherever they are dumped into) and result in contamination of natural resources and lives. Thus, opting for pre-owned phones can save the mother earth big time from being injected with poisonous chemicals and being drained of useful metals.
  • Lowering the carbon footprint: Reusing and recycling electronic devices, especially, phones which tend to have a higher rate of conversion and upgrades, contribute maximum in increasing the carbon footprint on the earth. Hence, if phones are reused and refurbished, this problem can be handled in a smarter way.

After having considered all the above aspects, would you rather not go for a pre-owned iPhone and cross one wish out of your bucket list without having to burn a hole in the pocket? We bet you would. So, wait no longer. Visit, the ultimate destination for pre-owned iPhones to order one for yourself.

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