Is buying a refurbished iPhone Pro better than buying a new one in 2020?

Buying an iPhone that too the latest model is a dream for all iPhone lovers. However, owing to its skyrocketing price the dream seldom sees the light of day. This is also why the refurbished iPhones’ market has been flourishing in UAE. Realizing the potential that UAE’s refurbished iPhone market holds, even the iPhone manufacturer Apple is betting big in the game. Apple has already partnered with several genuine refurbished or pre-owned iPhone sellers in the country to drive the sales in this segment. 

Many of you might be wondering what led to the sudden growth in this market segment, especially in the Middle Eastern countries including UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia among others, with UAE emerging as a clear leader in the space. Others might be pondering what is in it for Apple to support the growth of this sector. You are not wrong in having such questions in your minds. Hence, we thought of spending a few minutes to elucidate your doubts.

Every year when the iPhone manufacturer releases its fresh batches of iPhones, stronger, sharper, faster,  and better than the previous one, it witnesses a huge customer line up, no doubt in that. But, what most people never pay heed is to the fact that many of the products bought are often returned owing to some glitches or sometimes just because the buyer had changed the decision. Yet another larger chunk of the older models are turned in sheer e-garbage when the owners decide to upgrade to the next or the latest models. Now, these iPhones are still good to go with minor refurbishments and can be used by a lot of the iPhone enthusiasts who cannot afford a new one. Thus, the market for refurbished and pre-owned iPhones have come as a boon to such customer segment as well as the manufacturer who has to worry a lot less for the e-waste generation from its products, shelf life of the products and many other similar aspects.

When it comes to buying any smartphone, we always want to buy the best and the latest. iPhones are no exception to this. People are drooling over Apple Inc’s latest addition to its iPhone lineup, the iPhone 11 Pro, loaded with the coolest features from its unmatchable camera quality to storage, processor, and the list goes on. What stands in the way of a new iPhone 11 Pro and its suiters is its sky-high price. But that isn’t a problem anymore if you ask me. The key is in buying a refurbished or pre-used one which will offer you the same experience only at a much cheaper rate. Let us check why buying a refurbished or pre-owned iPhone 11 Pro is a better option than buying a brand new one.

  • Available at a cheaper price: While a brand new iPhone 11 Pro will cost you a minimum of AED 4,219, you can get it at a very reasonable price if you buy a refurbished or pre-owned product of the same model. At KlickBargain you can now buy an iPhone 11 Pro starting from just AED 3,490. Yes, it’s that cheap!
  • Outstanding specifications: What makes iPhone lovers go head over heels for iPhone 11 Pro is the product specification. It is made with the best in technology features like 5.8-inch all-screen OLED multi-touch super retina XDR display, 12MP+12MP+12MP triple camera at the rear, better low light, portrait, and bokeh modes for advanced photography, 4K video recording, RAM starting from 4 GB and a storage capacity of 64GB, 256GBand 512GB variants, A13 chip, splash, water, and dust resistance, facial recognition, longer-lasting battery life (4 hours more than its predecessor, iPhone X), iOS 13, a host of free Apple apps, and the list goes on. To check out all the features of the iPhone 11 Pro, check out
  • Quality at par new: Even though these are refurbished and/or pre-used iPhone 11 Pro, the quality is intact. The products undergo a rigorous quality check and are sold after a proper refurbishment of any defects that might have been diagnosed and have passed all quality parameters.
  • Ecofriendly: For the production of every high-end smartphone like iPhone, costly, and rare natural elements ores are mined like titanium, copper, etc. With every such phone becoming an e-waste, toxicity in the earth and water wherever they are dumped while depleting the earth of its natural resources. Hence, buying a refurbished iPhone not only saves you from burning a hole in the pocket but also help reduce the ecological burden bit by bit.
  • Enjoy the latest iPhone: The best reason for you to go for a refurbished iPhone 11 Pro is probably the fact that it is the latest iPhone model. By far best in class and features.
  • Get the benefits of refurbished iPhones: From assured warranty from sellers, doorstep delivery, easy return policies, refurbishment certificate, and a lot more, you can get all these benefits while buying a refurbished iPhone 11 Pro from a genuine seller. At KlickBargain we offer a minimum of 3 months warranty (which may be as long as 12 months depending on the product condition and grade),  free doorstep delivery, and 7-day easy return policy. Visit our FAQ page to learn more.

Hope you are convinced to make a refurbished iPhone 11 Pro your own soon enough by now. Wait for no further, go ahead and buy your refurbished iPhone 11 Pro from KlickBargain at the best price. Click on to buy.

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