How long does a pre-owned iPhone last?

iPhone! The very name chimes like gold in our ears, doesn’t it? We all long for one, at least all the gadget lovers like me. Loaded with super cool features and the world’s best technology, this smartphone is unbeatable. What stands in our way of buying one ourselves is the exorbitant price range at which the Apple Inc. manufactured smartphones hit the shelves. But like every problem that ever existed and arose, men have always found their way out. And they have once again done it with this dilemma too. The soaring demand for pre-used and refurbished smartphones, especially high-end ones like iPhones is a testimony to humans’ constant strive to find an answer to every problem they face.

Let us just give you all a hint of how much the market of pre-used and refurbished smartphones has grown. In a recent report published by International Data Corporation (IDC), it has been revealed that over 206.7 million units of pre-used and refurbished smartphones have already been shipped so far by the end of 2019 and the number is expected to cross 332.9 million by 2023. The report has also mentioned that the market for pre-used and refurbished smartphones is growing at a CAGR of 13.6%.

Not just the fact that refurbished iPhones come at a much cheaper price, buying refurbished iPhones come with a lot of perks when bought from authorized dealers. Let us have a quick look at why buying a refurbished iPhone is advocated so much today:

  • A relief on the wallet: Refurbished iPhones come at a highly subsidized price and hence are affordable for even those who aren’t financially affluent enough. This comes as a huge relief to one’s pocket.
  • Refurbished to restore quality: Every unit of refurbished iPhone sold is carefully checked for damages or lags and repaired to restore them to a new-like condition.
  • Assured warranty: Like a brand new iPhone, even refurbished iPhones come with a warranty from the sellers. However, the tenure varies from seller to seller and also from product to product (depending on how old the iPhone is or how much of refurbishment it has gone through).
  • Ecologically smarter option: Every new phone, especially high-end smartphone manufactured is an additional burden to mother nature. Not only they release toxic chemicals as e-wastes but also require a certain number of rare metals and minerals for developing the parts. Thus by buying a refurbished smartphone you can pat your back for contributing towards building an ecologically safer world to live in.

All these reasons stand out to make buying pre-used and refurbished iPhones a smarter and better choice. You are also at the liberty of choosing your favorite model as they are available at such subsidized rates. While interacting with a lot of consumers in this segment, one dilemma that we have noticed among almost all of them is regarding the issue longevity of refurbished iPhones. Today in our blog we will be spending the next few minutes trying to address this question of the consumers of the refurbished iPhone segment.

Well, to start with, let us clarify, there’s no one size fits all kind of an answer to this question. iPhones generally come with a long shelf-life, however, there are a number of factors that dictate the longevity of a pre-owned or refurbished iPhone. There are a few questions or areas that you need to check with your seller before you actually buy the product to ensure the longevity of the product. Let us look at the points you must consider to ascertain how long your new-found friend would last.

  • How old is the phone: The first question that you must ask the seller is the age of the iPhone you are about to buy. i.e. how long it had already been used. Say, if the iPhone model you’ve selected to buy has already been used for 3 to 4 years, with quality refurbishment, you can enjoy using it for another 2 to 3 years, with a gradually decreasing speed and battery performance. 
  • How good is the refurbishment quality: Before deciding on buying the pre-owned or refurbished iPhone, you must ensure the quality of refurbishment it has gone through. Get a refurbishment certificate that authenticates the repair and states the quality of the phone. At KlickBargain all the products sold are carefully checked and refurbished to make them brand new sets, as much as possible. They are sold only after every of the iPhone passes the quality checks and parameters.
  • Is the product genuine: Get the authenticity of the product and seller checked. It is important that you buy your refurbished or pre-owned iPhone only from an authorized seller to ensure the products and parts are genuine. At KlickBargain we ensure that every product we sell is a genuine iPhone with proper parts and quality refurbishment.
  • Check the warranty on the product: Like brand new iPhones, even refurbished and pre-owned iPhones come with a warranty offered by the seller when you buy it from an authorized dealer. However, the duration of the warranty may vary from seller to seller and from product to product (depending on how old the product is or how much refurbishment it has gone through).
  • Check the product grade: Every refurbished iPhone is categorized into grades depending on how new they are and how damaged they were before refurbishment. At KlickBargain the grades range from New grade (brand new, never used, intact), to C Grade (light to heavy use, some visible dents/scratches, refurbished and checked for quality, passed all quality parameters). Every product is graded and certified accordingly. To know more about grades check our FAQ section.

To sum it up, even for older iPhones that are refurbished and sold, they work just fine if you are a light user. However, if you want to make the most of it, go for a relatively newer or latest model and New Grade category. These match the performance of a brand new iPhone but are available at a much cheaper price. To know more about refurbished iPhones and to buy yourself or your dear ones refurbished or pre-owned iPhones at the most reasonable rate in the UAE, visit us at

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