Buy certified pre-owned iPhone – How and Why

iPhones have always been high on consumer’s bucket list for new gadgets, however, the actual sale statistics have not been able to match the numbers owing to its high price factor. However, this has also given risen to the sale of certified pre-owned and refurbished iPhones globally as these Apple products come at a slashed price.

 According to a recent Counterpoint Research report, the global market of the pre-owned and refurbished smartphone is seen to be growing at a CAGR of 13%, with iPhone leading the scene. The burgeoning growth in this segment is attributed to many causal factors that are influencing consumers’ decision to buy a pre-owned or refurbished premium smartphone like an iPhone. However, there needs to be a higher level of sensitization to make more people aware of the benefits of buying certified pre-owned iPhones and do away with the preconceptions regarding this segment.

 If you are hesitant about deciding whether or not to buy a certified pre-owned iPhone, let us tell you why you should go for it.

  • Budget-friendly rates: The otherwise overtly costly iPhones can now be bought at a steal price when bought in a certified pre-owned or refurbished condition, without leaving a hole in your finances.
  • Excellent condition: If the term used or pre-owned haunt you and you are apprehensive about the conditions, rest assured, many pre-owned iPhones are just as good as the mint new ones. Some of them have hardly been used for days, others refurbished to render the excellence at par brand new iPhones.
  • Assured seller warranty: Just like new iPhones, even certified pre-owned and refurbished iPhones come with a warranty from the sellers, however, the manufacturer warranty may or may not be valid. The warranty tenure may differ from seller to seller and product to product. We would urge you to check the same with the seller before you buy the product.
  • Refurbished to restore quality: In the case of iPhones that have been used to some extent sellers ensure a thorough refurbishment process before selling them in the market. Hence, these phones are as good as a new one.
  • High shelf-life of iPhones: Being built on high-end technology and superlative internal circuits and components, iPhones come with a longer shelf-life or life-cycle as opposed to common misconceptions.
  • Reducing ecological damage: For every new electronic device to be manufactured a huge chunk of rapidly depleting rare metals and minerals are used such as cobalt, etc. Buying a new phone every time you want to upgrade to a newer version or change your handset would only imply that you’re contributing to the draining of such rare metals. On the other hand, the electronic wastes that are dumped in the junkyards also emit toxic chemicals into the land and sea (wherever they are dumped into) and result in contamination of natural resources and lives. Thus, opting for pre-owned phones can save the mother earth big time from being injected with poisonous chemicals and being drained of useful metals.
  • Checking the carbon footprint: Reusing and recycling electronic devices, especially, smartphones which tend to have a higher rate of conversion and upgrades, contribute maximum in increasing the carbon footprint on the earth. Hence, if high-end smartphones are reused and refurbished, this problem can be handled in a better way.

Now that you’re convinced about the plus points of buying a pre-owned and/or refurbished iPhone, let us help you make the buy more seamless, especially, if you’re from the UAE.

  • Select a model: Select the iPhone model you want to buy from the long list of iPhone models to narrow down your search. KlickBargain offers an extensive range of pre-owned and refurbished iPhone models and variants to its customers.
  • Check the product condition: Check the condition of the phone, how long it has been used, how much repair it has gone through, QC certification, etc. At KlickBargain we have categorized every product into grades basis their condition to help our buyers make a more judicious purchase decision.
  • Compare the prices: Check and compare the price for the selected model across platforms. KlickBargain offers the most reasonable prices for refurbished and pre-owned iPhones in the UAE market.
  • Confirm the warranty status: Check with the seller for the warranty on the product. KlickBargain offers a minimum of 3-months warranty on its products, which may go up to even 12-months for products in new condition.
  • Delivery options and charges: Check with the seller for delivery options, delivery charges, or any hidden costs that may be applicable to avoid uncalled for surprises. KlickBargain offers free doorstep delivery of all the products sold on its platform.
  • Check the return policy: Read the return policy of the seller to be sure you can always undo your purchase if you’re not satisfied with the purchase. KlickBargain offers a 7-day free return on its sold products.
  • Check for seller’s reviews online: Last but not the least, go online and check for the reviews of the seller. This will help you segregate the milk from the water.

 Purchasing a very good quality item like an iPhone, regardless of whether fresh out of the box new or renovated, accompanies a ton of subtleties. Settling on the privilege and a shrewd choice is basic to abstain from getting hoodwinked. On the off chance that you are confounded by the number of checkpoints above and are pondering where to locate the ideal merchant who meets all the measures referenced over, your inquiry closes directly here with KlickBargain.

 At KlickBargain all the used iPhones at the most serious cost in UAE and offers premium advantages to the purchasers. The used iPhones sold are approved, certified, and are checked for quality over different boundaries and layers after being repaired to the best quality.

The items are ordered into different evaluations going from New Grade (for fresh out of the box new condition iPhones that aren't utilized at this point and don't have any harm, just returned as the proprietors may have adjusted their perspectives) to Grade C (significantly utilized with ordinary mileage, revamped to coordinate the best condition, passed all quality and utilitarian boundaries) to settle on purchasing choices simpler for purchasers. All iPhones sold on KlickBargain accompany a base guarantee of 3 months which may go as long as a year for Grade New items. Simple 7-day return, free transportation, and doorstep conveyance are different advantages alongside a simple to get to client care that makes KlickBargain stand apart among its companions.

Check out a wide array of iPhone collections to choose from at and get the best quality certified pre-owned iPhone for a great bargain.

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