Why are many people now turning to buy a pre-owned phone instead of a new one

 Studies have proven that an average tech-savvy and gadget-savvy man changes his handset every 12-18 months. Or iPhone patrons this might be a challenge to their pockets owing to the exorbitant price at which a brand new iPhone is sold, especially if it is a newly launched model. So, should you sacrifice your desire to upgrade your iPhone? Well, there a way if you have the will to upgrade. You can always opt for a pre-owned iPhone which comes at a much lower price than the brand new ones without having to compromise on the quality of the device.

If you are one of those who have never bought a pre-owned or refurbished good ever in your life and are skeptical about the very concept, be ready to experience a change in mindset by the end of the article. 

The pre-owned and refurbished smartphone market is growing at a surprisingly fast rate and is lead by pre-owned and refurbished iPhones. According to a report by International Data Corporation (IDC) this market had grown at 17.6% in 2019 and the number of pre-owned smartphones sold is expected to touchdown 332.9 million by 2023. There has been a surge in acceptance and demand for pre-owned iPhones over the years as the awareness about the benefits, useability, and feasibility of buying pre-owned iPhones penetrated deeper globally.

Let us look at some of the reasons that are contributing actively to the soaring popularity of pre-owned smartphones, especially, iPhones:

  • Pocket friendly option: iPhones have always been infamous for their high price range. But when it comes to buying the pre-owned iPhones, you can get them at a much discounted price. This way you can be the owner of the most classy and coveted smartphone but without having to dig a hole in your pockets.
  • New-like functional condition: Pre-owned phones come at a good working condition and are refurbished in case any lag is identified during the high-level scrutiny done at the factory/seller point.
  • Quality refurbishment: Every pre-owned iPhone is checked thoroughly for any damages or lags and is refurbished to the best condition. None of the handsets are sold before a complete checking is done and the quality is restored. Every pre-owned iPhone is certified and graded based on the amount of refurbishment done.
  • Assured product warranty: All pre-owned iPhones when bought from authorized dealers come with an assured warranty from the seller. However, the duration of the warranty may vary from seller to seller to product.
  • Longer lifecycle: Pre-owned iPhones are often witnessed to have better longevity owing to the refurbishment of the products to the best state all over again. The quality of iPhone software and technology is anyways graded at the highest. 
  • Reduces ecological damage: Reusing and recycling electronic devices like iPhones contribute maximum to the decrease in the carbon footprint on the globe. The practice of buying pre-owned iPhones will also reduce the depletion of essential and rare elements from the earth’s crust that are extracted for the manufacturing of the handsets.

Realizing the multitude of benefits that are associated with buying pre-owned iPhones over brand new ones have contributed vastly towards the gaining reception of the pre-owned iPhone market globally. If you are contemplating the idea of patronizing pre-owned iPhones, especially in the UAE, KlickBargain is your best bet. KlickBargain is the ultimate destination of the best in quality pre-owned iPhones available at the most competitive price. Visit https://klickbargain.com/ to buy your own iPhone (pre-owned) from a wide array of options.

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