Top refurbished deals - Which is the Best Refurbished iPhone to Buy?


The refurbished smartphone market has been on a steep rise owing to the alluring deals and increasing awareness globally. According to a report by Counterpoint, the global refurbished smartphone market has been growing at 10% year on year since 2018. The report also revealed that Apple manufactured iPhones lead the sale of refurbished smartphones globally.

The increased demands and adoption of refurbished iPhones have been eminent even in emerging markets globally like South East Aisa and MENA. The growing demand for refurbished iPhones has a number of contributing reasons:

  • Greater residual rate: iPhones haves a slower depreciation as compared to other smartphones.
  • High design consistency: iPhones are built with a high level of design consistency making the products high in demand.
  • Vertical integration: Due to Apple’s vertical integration, even older iPhone models can upgrade to the latest software versions.
  • Stability in pricing: Apple manufactured iPhones are renowned for the stability in pricing making iPhones a preferred choice for both sellers and buyers.

To address the rising demand of refurbished and pre-owned iPhones, KlickBargain offers the best in breed refurbished and preowned iPhones at the best deals. Let us look at the deals that you must grab when you plan to buy your next pre-owned iPhone.

  • Lowest price in the market: At KlickBargain you get top quality pre-owned and refurbished iPhones at the best bargain.
  • Assurance of warranty: Every product sold on KlickBargain comes with an assured 3 months warranty which can also be increased to 12 months depending on the iPhone’s condition.
  • Graded products for ease of buying: For the ease of buyers every pre-owned and refurbished iPhone is graded basis their condition ranging from Grade New (pre-owned iPhones returned within the return period, unboxed and without and refurbishment) to Grade C (heavily used with visible dents and scratches on the surface and refurbished).
  • Free shipping: Klickbarain offers free shipping of all the products sold on its platform.
  • 7-day easy return policy: KlickBarrgain has a 7-day hassle-free return policy on all the pre-owned and refurbished iPhones sold on its platform.
  • Authentic products: KlickBargain sells only authorized refurbished and pre-owned iPhones on its platform. So you need not fret over being scammed or duped.

While pre-owned and refurbished iPhones are blazing through the sale of refurbished smartphones, some iPhone models sell better than the other owing to their specifications and better user experience. Let us look at the most preferred and top refurbished iPhone models below:

  • iPhone 11: The latest launched in the iPhone series is the iPhone 11. It is packed with superfast fast speed, high-end technology, the best in class camera, higher storage capacity, better battery life, and fast charging, and loaded with cool features and applications. With quality refurbishment or not (in case of unboxed pre-owned iPhones), this is a great buy, and one of the most preferred choices among pre-owned iPhone buyers. iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max are also popular variations of this model with higher storage and RAM capacities.
  • iPhone X, XR: The world went gaga over iPhone X when it was launched in 2017 and the sensation has lived on till date. The smartphone was way ahead of its time and featured some of the coolest aspects. The camera and storage were the show-stopping aspects of the phone. It was the first iPhone model with face id. Even in the refurbished smartphone market, this hasn’t lost a craze among iPhone patrons.
  • iPhone 8: This is by far the most sold iPhone and a clear winner among the favorites of iPhone enthusiasts. This iOS11 processor enabled iPhone is one step ahead of its predecessor.
  • iPhone 7: This blazes in the low-cost pre-owned and refurbished iPhones available in the market. This is the first iPhone series that features the fast cable and no headphone jack creating a revolution. Classy as iPhones always are, this one sets the bar really high. Also features FaceTime and other advanced features and applications. iPhone 7 Plus variant in this series is equally popular among buyers.

If you are still torn between choices, visit our products page and select the pre-owned or refurbished iPhone model of your choice today and be a proud owner of the world’s most premium smartphone.