Should you buy a pre-owned or refurbished iPhone in 2020?

It’s a dream of every gadget-savvy individual to own an iPhone. However, not many can afford one owing to the premium price range of the Apple-made smartphones. But the world never fails to amaze us with novel ideas when it comes to reaching our goals and dreams. The booming pre-owned and refurbished gadgets market has become an industry on its own. You can now live your dream of owning an iPhone, that too without giving a shock to your finances.

Why are refurbished iPhones a great choice for buyers?

Studies and reports from across the globe have revealed that people are keener on buying refurbished and pre-owned iPhones today more than ever. Here are what constitute the key reasons behind such a shift in consumer behavior:

  • Affordable prices: Refurbished phones come at a much cheaper price as compared to the new ones.
  • New-like condition: However refurbished, these phones are thoroughly checked for any damages and/or faults, both for hardware and software, and are repaired to bring them back to the almost new condition before being sold.
  • Assured product warranty: Every refurbished phone comes with an assured warranty from the seller, the tenure for which may vary.
  • Ecologically sustainable choice: For every new handset to be manufactured, the environment is hit badly. Not only the e-wastes add up to the carbon footprint but also add up to chemical pollution of land and water. Thus buying a refurbished phone is a more ecologically sustainable option.

Why is buying pre-owned and refurbished iPhones still a better purchase decision in 2020?

There are many who argue about how rational it might be to buy a pre-owned or refurbished iPhones. To all those who doubt how wise such a decision might be, I must say, at this hour, when the world is hit hard due to the recession caused by the pandemic, it is probably the wisest purchase option for those looking at buying and owning premium smartphones like iPhone. 

Let us jot down a few reasons as to why buying a refurbished iPhone over a brand new one is a safer option even as we stand in 2020 (P.S. – Please keep in mind that these are for those who find affording a new iPhone overtly pricey).

  • iPhones that are as good as new: Refurbished phones are sold in excellent condition, almost as good as the brand new ones. They are thoroughly checked and refurbished for any damages that might have been there. In fact, many a times, these are handsets that are returned to the seller when the buyer decides to alter his decision within the 30-day return period. These may not have any damage or fault at all and are hardly used. Even the refurbished iPhones come with all the components that are given with the brand new handset, like charging cable, USB cable, adapter, and headphones.
  • Software covered by Apple: Even for refurbished iPhones, in case of any software issues, it is well covered by Apple stores just like the first-hand ones. You may take it to any Apple Store nearby and an Apple Genius will tend to it. 
  • Seller warranty against the phone: Refurbished iPhones are covered under warranty by sellers. However, the warranty period may vary from seller to seller and depending on the phone’s condition. At KlickBargain, we offer a minimum warranty of 3 months and in some of the cases, it may even go up to as long as 12 months.
  • Save money as the recession hits: The world is under yet another recession attack, one more intense than even the 2008 recession. This is primarily due to the pandemic that has shaken the world to its core and disrupted the economy across the globe. In such a situation, investing is a premium phone like an iPhone is probably a bit of a luxury. But you can still enjoy the benefits of owning an iPhone without having to rip you off your finances by going for a refurbished iPhone.

The refurbished iPhone market is expected to grow bigger in 2020. People are more aware of the market and the gaining popularity of refurbished premium handsets. However, while buying refurbished gadgets, it is advisable that you buy it from authentic sources, ask for proper receipts, and check for the warranty. To help you make more informed decisions, KlickBargain assures authenticity of iPhones at competitive prices, and all its products are sold with assured warranty. Visit to purchase your next refurbished iPhone available in the best condition.