KlickBargain VS Teckzu: Which is better for pre-owned iPhones

iPhones are a dream for most gadget-savvy people across the globe. However, this is a dream that might cost a fortune for many iPhone lovers. So much so that most of the iPhone lovers never get to own one for themselves. But, with the recent growth in popularity of pre-owned and refurbished electronics, the dream that was beyond one’s reasons is now a possibility. 

From the economic stand-point to the ecological benefits buying a refurbished iPhone comes with a host of perks. Interestingly, the trend of buying pre-used and refurbished iPhone has shot up demands in UAE. Today UAE is one of the largest markets for refurbished iPhones globally. If you are in the UAE and are planning to buy a refurbished or pre-owned iPhone, and are confused about whether you should go for KlickBargain or Teckzu, let us help you make the decision.

Today, we will be drawing a comparison between two of UAE’s most popular pre-owned and refurbished iPhone sellers. Yes, you guessed it right. We will be talking about KlickBargain and Teckzu. Let us see how the two fare:

  • Lowest price offered: KlickBargain wins the race in this category. All its products are marked at the lowest price in the market. However, both KlickBargain and Teckzu offer similar refurbishment quality and have all their products checked for quality.
  • iPhone specialization: While Teckzu has a wider inventory of refurbished electronic gadgets and appliances, KlickBargain prefers to specialize in just iPhones. This also makes KlickBargain an expert in the domain. 
  • Warranty on products: KlickBargain has an assured warranty of a minimum of three months and can even be as long as 12 months for some of the Grade A+ products. All products sold by Teckzu come with a one-year limited warranty from Teckzu.
  • Payment options offered: Teckzu accepts Visa and MasterCard only apart from cash on delivery. KlickBargain accepts credit and debit cards from Amex, MasterCard, and Visa and also has a cash on delivery option available to its customers.
  • After-sales service: Both KlickBargain and Teckzu have a stellar customer care team to cater to the after-sales queries and requirements of their customers. 
  • Shipping, delivery, and returns: KlickBargain offers free shipping on all its products. The products are shipped within 1-2 business days and come with a 7-days easy return policy. On the other hand, Teckzu offers free shipping on orders above AED 400 and charges a nominal delivery fee of AED 15 for orders below AED 400. The orders placed over Teckzu are delivered within 3-5 business days and have a 14-days return policy.
  • Markets served: While Teckzu currently serves only the UAE market, KlickBargain delivers refurbished iPhones to UAE, KSA, Egypt, Jordan, Oman, UK, Bahrain, and the USA and are looking forward to adding more international destinations in the near future. 

In addition to the impeccable quality of all the products, KlickBargain has an aisle of all the iPhone models and variants to spoil the customers for choices. I hope we were able to help you with a meaningful comparison of the two players in the refurbished iPhone domain. Now that you know about the highs and lows of both the companies, hope you can make a better and well-reasoned decision to purchase your dream iPhone. So get started with your iPhone hunt today.