Is gifting a pre-owned iPhone a good idea?


When it comes to selecting gifts for our loved ones, we always want the best and the classiest merchandise. If you too are planning to buy a special gift for your special someone, why don’t you choose something as special as the person? Why not buy them an iPhone? Beyond your budget? But what if I told you that you can actually afford one if you knew where and what to look for? Yes, I’m talking about gifting a pre-owned iPhone.

If you are worried about how your gift will be received or perceived, you’ll be surprised to learn how fast pre-owned and refurbished smartphones market is penetrating the global economy. According to a 2018 report by  Counterpoint, the fast-growing pre-owned and refurbished smartphone market has been dominated by the sales of pre-owned and refurbished iPhones among others. Now, to address how decent it is to gift a pre-owned or refurbished item as a gift, Patricia Fitzpatrick, an etiquette expert from the Etiquette School of New York opines that it is acceptable if it meets the following conditions:

  • If the product is in perfectly good condition
  • If it is something of use or something coveted by the recipient
  • If it is presented in a neatly wrapped and ornamental packaging

Let us look at some of the best reasons why you should gift a pre-owned or refurbished to your near and dear ones:

  • iPhones are classy and the best: iPhones are definitely the best smartphones available and the classiest ones too. Loaded with exceptional features and functional conditions they are the most coveted among smartphones across the globe.
  • Available at a great bargain: Infamous for its pricey rate, when bought in a pre-owned or refurbished state, an iPhone can be bought at a dirt-cheap price. KlickBargain offers the lowest price for pre-owned iPhones in the UAE
  • Assured factory/seller warranty: Pre-owned and refurbished iPhones when bought from authorized dealers, come with an assured factory or seller warranty. At KlickBargain all pre-owned iPhones come with a minimum assured warranty of 3 months and might be as long as 12 months for New Grade pre-owned iPhones.
  • Great functional condition: All pre-owned iPhones are tested and checked for damages if any and refurbished to replicate almost new-like conditions.
  • Ecologically beneficial: You will be doing a favor to mother earth and all living beings by buying a pre-owned iPhone as it helps reduce the ecological burden of e-wastes.

While opting to buy a pre-owned or refurbished iPhone, especially when you want to gift it to someone close to your heart, you must ensure you’re buying a genuine one at its best condition. Let us look at some of the points that you must confirm while selecting the right seller or product while buying a pre-owned iPhone:

  • Check the seller authentication: make sure you buy your pre-owned iPhone from a registered and authorized pre-owned iPhone seller.
  • Check if the product is genuine: Confirm the authenticity of the product, all its parts are genuine and that it is not stolen.
  • Check the product condition: Check the functional condition of the iPhone you’ve selected. Pre-owned iPhones are graded basis their prior usage and damage and refurbishment conditions. Check and select the best in your budget and make sure it is in good working condition.
  • Compare the prices and offers: Do some research on the price of the same product across marketplaces and select the best offer available.
  • Check the return policy by the seller: Like all other electronic devices and brand new iPhones, even pre-owned iPhones may come with return options offered by the seller. Check with the return policy offered by the seller. KlickBargain offers a 7-day easy return policy.
  • Check the delivery options and fees attached: Make sure the seller you’ve chosen delivers at your desired address or location. It is always better to be sure than sorry. Also, check about the estimated delivery time, delivery fees if any, and other delivery related aspects before checking out.

If you have made your mind up to buy your dear one a pre-owned iPhone already, wait no further. Visit and select your preferred pre-owned iPhone model from athe wide range of options. Rest assured, you will be buying the best product at the most competitive price at KlickBargain. 

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