How and where to buy a pre-owned Apple iPhone

Are you also among those millions who long to own an iPhone but the high price range of the Apple manufactured smartphones stands in the way? Now you can fulfill your dream that too without burning a hole in your pocket. The ever-widening pre-owned and refurbished smartphone market has opened a new avenue for iPhone enthusiasts to own one for themselves and experience Apple’s excellent technology.

Smartphones contribute to the fastest growing refurbished electronics category. With an astounding growth rate of 13% year-on-year, the refurbished smartphone market is dominated by Apple’s iPhones as accounted in a report by Counterpoint Research. The report further reveals that pre-owned and refurbished smartphones constitute close to 10% of the total smartphone market globally. The burgeoning growth in this sector has also enabled reducing the carbon footprint on a global scale by minimizing the amount of e-waste produced every year and has contributed to significantly increase the lifetime value of smartphones.

While we see a steep growth in people’s inclination towards buying pre-owned and refurbished smartphones, especially iPhones, it has been noticed that the consumers are often wary about how and where to but these from. There’s always a skepticism of being duped by unauthorized sellers and cons and in the market. To mitigate this challenge we will be discussing how consumers can buy their pre-owned or refurbished iPhones and where they can buy it from in UAE. So, let’s get started.

  • Check the seller/dealer’s authenticity: Make sure the seller is an authorized pre-owned/refurbished iPhone seller. 
  • Corroborate online reviews about the seller: The world is on the internet now. Check for reviews about the seller/dealer before buying your refurbished or pre-owned iPhone.
  • Learn about the return policy: Make sure the seller offers a return policy to enable you to return the product in case you aren’t satisfied.
  • Check the after-sales service: Most seller-customer relationships get nipped as soon as the product is sold. Check the after-sales support that the seller offers.
  • Check the product condition: before buying the refurbished/pre-owned iPhone be sure the product is in good working condition.
  • Check the battery strength: Make sure the battery is in a decent condition and doesn’t die in a short while. Usually iPhones come with a sturdy battery, however, the wear and tear over the years of use may degrade battery health naturally.
  • Check the product warranty: Just like brand new iPhones, even refurbished and pre-owned iPhones also come with a warranty offered by sellers. Check if the seller/dealer offers a warranty. Clarify the warranty policy before buying the product.
  • Check if the product is genuine: Always make sure you are buying a genuine and authorized refurbished or pre-owned iPhone and not a stolen or black-market one.
  • Go for the best deal: Compare the product price across the market and choose the most competitive deal. 

Buying a high-end product like an iPhone, whether brand new or refurbished, comes with a lot of nuances. Making the right and a smart decision is imperative to avoid getting duped. If you are baffled by the number of checkpoints above and are wondering where to find the perfect seller who meets all the criteria mentioned above, your search ends right here with KlickBargain. 

At KlickBargain all the pre-owned iPhones at the most competitive price in UAE and offers premium benefits to the buyers. The pre-owned iPhones sold are authorized, genuine, and are checked for quality across multiple parameters and layers after being refurbished to the best quality.

The products are categorized into various grades ranging from New Grade (for brand new condition iPhones that aren’t used yet and don’t have any damage, just returned as the owners might have changed their minds) to Grade C (substantially used with normal wear and tear, refurbished to match the best condition, passed all quality and functional parameters) to make buying decisions easier for buyers. All iPhones sold on KlickBargain come with a minimum warranty of 3 months which may go up to 12 months for Grade New products. Easy 7-day return, free shipping, and doorstep delivery are other benefits along with an easy to access customer service that makes KlickBargain stand out among its peers.

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