Should I buy a pre-owned IPhone 7 plus?

I know “refurbished electronics” sound cool. However, smart fashion hounds look for good deals at stores. And in the age of $1,000 — or $2,000 — smartphones, pre-owned gadgets are having a renaissance, too. It’s beneficial for both your pocket and for the Earth.

If saving money isn’t enough motivation to go for pre-owned items, you could also pat yourself on the back for helping the Earth. Don’t hug a tree, buy a used iPhone. The energy that went into manufacturing smartphones for the last decade exceeds all of India’s annual electricity use, according to Greenpeace. Making new phones also requires vast quantities of water and conflict minerals.

Tech companies could help the problem by designing devices to be more easily repaired and recycled. For consumers, the best way to stem the environmental damage is to buy less new stuff.

When it comes to IPhones, IPhone 7 plus has been the most popular so far.

Should you buy a pre-owned 7 plus?

IPhone 7 Plus is probably the most desirable mobile phone in the World. Every single mobile phone owner has a strong desire to own an iPhone. Apple iPhones are a status symbol and come under luxury items. Still, apple products are not in the reach of common populace. For them, we have pre-owned IPhone 7 Plus.

Is pre-owned iPhone 7 Plus worth buying?

Yes - If you are concerned with security features, looking for best user interface, like to maintain your status symbol, are into photography, like a waterproof phone, like wireless headphones or AirPods.

And I bet you couldn’t even tell the difference between the new and refurbished one.

However, do check the following if you are planning to buy one:

  • Overall physical condition
  • Touch (activate assistive touch and move it to the entire touch surface)
  • Touch ID
  • Make call
  • Charging
  • Accessories, original or not. As complete original accessories will cost around 300 AED

Also double check the display of the IPhone. Compare with another IPhone to know the difference and similarity. The original display has more vibrant colours.

Check the sides of the IPhone, it could have been repaired and the side gap with display and body will tell if it’s open or not. Check for the camera and battery too. If the battery percentage drops or changes then it has a problem.

One last suggestion, please buy a pre-owned phone from a trusted shop and then you’re good to go.