Life of a pre-owned iPhone


We have talked a lot about how smart a decision it is to buy a pre-owned or refurbished iPhone, the benefits, what to look for, where to look for, so on and so forth. Just realized that we never talked about the life or life cycle of a pre-owned and refurbished iPhone. So, here we are to discuss the aforesaid topic in today’s blog.

Like every child that sees the light of the day for the very first time on its birthday, an iPhone sees the light of the day when it hits the shelves of the store. It is then taken home by its proud owner. This is where the lifecycle starts making twists and turns. While most of the iPhones owned by Apple patrons are cherished with care for years, some of them do get abandoned. Today we will be reading the stories of such abandoned iPhones and their journey towards meeting their new foster owners. By the way, these abandoned iPhones are also known as pre-owned and refurbished, depending on a few factors deciding their status.

Let us look at a few reasons why the owners return or sell their iPhones below:

  • Change of mind: This is when an iPhone user changes his mind about his newly bought iPhone and returns it to the seller within the 30-days return period. Many times these products are hardly used for a few days, but most definitely don’t have any damage either internal (software related) or external (broken or damaged case or screen). These are returned to the seller as new as it was when bought.
  • Returned to damage or faults in handsets: These are those iPhones that are returned due to any damage or faults in the products when bought. These are also new handsets but are mild to heavily damaged, either externally like a broken screen, dents, and scratches on the surface, missing parts, or internally as in software issues. 
  • Sold to replace with a newer model: Studies have shown that young gadget-savvy iPhone lovers change their handsets every 2-3 years. This is when they sell their old iPhone models to get a newer and more sophisticated version. These iPhones are used (intensity varies from user to user and on the number of years in use), may or may not come with any damage or mild wear and tear.

Once these iPhones are sold or returned to second-hand iPhone sellers or dealers, these iPhones go through a rigorous screening for quality and damage control. Any damage detected is mended and passed through a series of quality parameters, upon passing all these stages, they are brought out on the shelves yet again to search for new owners. Fun fact, thrashing all popular myths, pre-owned and refurbished iPhones often exhibit longer durability owing to the quality restoration when bought from authorized sellers. These handsets are also covered under warranty granted by sellers (tenure may vary depending on age and condition of the product), and even under Apple's software warranty. They come with almost all the benefits that you would get when buying a brand new iPhone, but at a much economical price (at least 20-30% lower than the new products). Buying a refurbished or pre-owned iPhone also comes with a host of ecological benefits.

Refurbished and pre-owned iPhone market has evolved into a huge industry on its own. This is also why Apple Inc has started partnering with recognized refurbished iPhone sellers across the world to authorize them and invest in tapping this nascent yet blooming market. According to a recent report by International Data Corporation (IDC), the pre-owned and refurbished smartphone market is swiftly growing at a CAGR of 13% year on year and the number of such handsets sold is expected to touch 332.9 million by 2023. Interestingly, according to a report, 10% of all the iPhones sold in the year 2017 were pre-owned or refurbished, and the numbers have been on an escalating curve ever since.

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