How to choose the best pre-owned iPhone?


How many of you are contemplating to buy a pre-owned iPhone because you love iPhones and you can’t afford a new one? Do you know how to select the best in class pre-owned iPhones for a good bargain? If you do, just check if you have checked all the points we will be discussing today. And, if you don’t, well, we got your back.

The pre-owned and refurbished gadgets market has been receiving an overwhelming acceptance today, especially, from the tech and gadget-savvy youths or this generation. Of all the types of gadgets, smartphones, particularly high-end ones like iPhones are ruling the pre-owned electronics market across the world. UAE is running for a competition with the likes of Singapore, USA, and other technologically progressive countries to claim the top position. A recent report has revealed astounding numbers breaking all records in the sale of pre-owned and refurbished smartphones and the global pre-owned market is swiftly growing at a CAGR of 17.6% y-o-y.

However, when people contemplate the idea of buying pre-owned or refurbished smartphones, especially the classy and extremely expensive ones like iPhones, they are often left in a tight spot choosing the right products and sellers and asking the right questions. Here are some of the most essential points that you must check before buying your coveted pre-owned iPhone:

  • Check the product condition: Before you buy a pre-owned iPhone make sure it is in good working condition. The product quality is an important factor that influences the buyer’s purchase decision. Check the hardware damages and what is the level of repairing done on it.
  • Check the battery health: Make sure the battery is in a decent condition and doesn’t die in a short while. Usually iPhones come with a strong battery, however, the wear and tear over the years of use may degrade battery health naturally. 
  • Confirm if the product is genuine: You must be sanguine that the seller is selling you a genuine or authentic pre-owned iPhone and not a stolen or black-market one.
  • Check the product warranty: Check if the product comes with a warranty. Most often pre-owned iPhones come with a seller warranty (the tenure may vary from seller to seller and product to product depending on several factors). Even pre-owned are still under Apple’s software warranty (if the product is relatively new) or serviceable at Apple care for software issues. Make sure you have gotten this clarified and read the warranty policies carefully.
  • Compare the price: Compare the product price with multiple sellers and platforms and choose the most reasonable one.
  • Check the seller reviews online and from reliable sources: Customer ratings and reviews are a testimony to the quality of products and services that a seller provides. Always go for sellers with higher ratings and positive reviews to avoid getting duped.
  • After-sales support: Check the customer support facilities and ease of accessibility for a seamless experience and higher reliability on the seller.
  • Make sure the seller is an authorized pre-owned iPhone seller: Lastly but most importantly, check if the seller is authorized to sell pre-owned iPhones to ensure product quality and pleasant after-sales experience.

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