5 interesting facts about pre-owned iPhones


The pre-owned iPhone market has evolved as a huge industry over the past few years. The escalating demand for premium smartphones, like iPhones, has contributed to the craze in this segment. After all who doesn’t drool over the idea of owning the world’s most coveted smartphone? The sophistication in design, high-end tech features, and the brand name has allured its customers, especially the young tech-savvy, gadget-loving early adopters. 

According to a report by Counterpoint Research, the pre-owned smartphone market has been growing at 13% year-on-year since 2017 and in the year 2018, refurbished and pre-owned smartphones amounted to as much as 10% of the total smartphones sold in 2017. These statistics reveal how pre-owned smartphones are gaining popularity and adoption.

But, why go for pre-owned iPhones? Well, not everyone who wants to own an iPhone can afford one (iPhones come at an exorbitant price if I may say so). Refurbished or pre-owned iPhones are available at a dirt-cheap price. Moreover, buying a pre-owned iPhone is not just beneficial to your wallet but also to help reduce ecological damage. So, pat you back if you have already purchased a pre-owned iPhone or are planning to buy one soon.

Despite the growing popularity many potential customers often exhibit some cynicism about how wise it would be to buy a pre-owned iPhone. All the myths that make the rounds of the market make it difficult for customers to come to a decision seamlessly. So, here we are today to bust some of the myths and present some interesting facts about buying pre-owned iPhones.

  • Not all pre-owned iPhones are used or damaged: If you are worried that buying a pre-owned iPhone means buying an old and tattered device, you are mistaken, my friend. Many times they are just returned, brand new, sometimes even unboxed. This happens when a consumer changes the mind and returns the new iPhone within the 30-days free return period of their buying the product. 
  • You can get a pre-owned iPhone at almost half its price but in new condition: Did you know that pre-owned iPhones can cost you as low as half its market price (for a brand new product of the same model and specifications)? And guess what? The pre-owned products are sold at new-like conditions, after refurbishing the damages (if any) and restored to its brand new condition.
  • Pre-owned and refurbished iPhones have longer durability than you can imagine: Contrary to the popular belief, pre-owned and refurbished iPhones last longer than usual. This is because these iPhones undergo extensive scrutiny and refurbishment to replicate a new-like condition, enhancing the used iPhone’s efficiency and longevity to some extent.
  • Pre-owned iPhones too can be covered by Apple’s software warranty: Pre-owned iPhones, if bought from authorized dealers or sellers, are covered under Apple’s software care, if it is still within the warranty period. This implies that if your pre-owned iPhone faces any software troubles, you may simply visit any Apple Care and an Apple Genius will help you get the problem resolved. However, this works under two conditions, i.e. if you buy the pre-owned or refurbished iPhone from a genuine, and authorized seller (like KlickBargain) and if the product is within the warranty period (you may also buy warranty extension from Apple). All iPhones bought from authorized sellers are nevertheless covered under a warranty granted by the sellers.
  • You are a savior of Mother Nature: When you’re buying a pre-owned or refurbished iPhone, you are contributing towards lessening the ecological damage caused by toxic chemicals released by e-wastes like an iPhone. Moreover, manufacturing every new iPhone contributes to the depletion of rare metals and minerals from the earth’s lithosphere. 

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