Pre-owned IPhone 8 best prices and review in Dubai

Apple never marketed the iPhone as cheaper handsets, "from the beginning it has an image of luxury and exclusivity. To maintain this image they do price their product at a high price. However, with the option of pre-owned Iphones we all can experience this luxury now.

When prices of Apple's new devices are compared, we find that that they are cheaper in the UAE than in India, the UK and France. Higher tax rates in India and the UK are definitely factors for higher prices in these countries. Like all major companies with a global reach, Apple has its own pricing policies also that differ from market to market. Another factor that influences iPhone prices is currency fluctuations.

Now coming to pre-owned IPhone 8 best prices and review in Dubai:

The prices of pre-owned Iphone 8 vary from around AED 1,300 to around AED 2,500. You just have to pick a trusted shop/website and then make the perfect pick. Prices vary based on colour, size and condition. Following are some websites that offer good deals. is an online marketplace for selling and buying Box Opened and Certified Used Mobiles, Tablets and Accessories. 

Prices for Iphone 8: start from AED 1,349 to around AED 1,349

Sharaf DG offers over 25,000 electronic products and accessories from reputed international brands.

Prices for Iphone 8: start from AED1,697 to around AED 2,000 - the most loved online site for shopping of refurbished/pre-owned electronic items.

Prices for Iphone 8: start from AED 1,370 to around AED 1,700 

 IPhone has always been one of the most sought-after gadgets in UAE as every new model launch witnesses long queues at Dubai stores.

Not just the residents, but even a large number of visitors from the Indian subcontinent and Africa also buy Apple's devices during their visit to Dubai as they cost less in UAE than most of the markets.

Be it online or offline, Dubai offers the best Iphones in best prices.

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