A complete guide for buying a pre-owned iPhone (UAE Edition)

A complete guide for buying a pre-owned iPhone (UAE Edition)

iPhone! Does the very word make you crave for one? But wait! Has your heart sulk already realizing you can’t afford one? Welcome to the club, my friend. You’re not alone. However, thankfully like always, we have found a solution to this problem too. For you now, we gotta get what wanna get. Confused? Well, let me explain it a bit further. We are talking about opting for a pre-owned or refurbished iPhone. And guess what, UAE has already developed a huge taste in this segment.

If you are still not convinced with the idea of buying a pre-owned or refurbished mobile handset, let me tell you how huge the market for pre-owned smartphones has already become. In one of its latest reports, the International Data Corporation (IDC) forecasted that the consumption of pre-used and refurbished smartphones is expected to cross 332.9 million units globally by 2023. Can you imagine the enormity of the consumption and the market? Further in the report, Anthony Scarsella, Research Manager with IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker has opined that while the demand and consumption for new smartphone models show minimal growth prospects, that of pre-owned and refurbished smartphones are in no mood to slow down.

You might be wondering what makes refurbished and pre-owned smartphones, especially iPhones high in demand. Here are the reasons:

  • Affordability: iPhones, which are hands down the most expensive and coveted smartphones ever, can now be yours at an unbelievably discounted price.
  • New-like Condition: However used, these iPhones come with excellent working conditioned. All iPhones are checked for damages and go through high-level refurbishment and quality checks before they are sold to buyers.
  • Assured warranty: Most iPhones come with an assured warranty from the sellers. However, the period may vary depending on the models and the condition of the iPhone. 
  • Ecologically viable: Ecologists have claimed that the damage that is caused by e-wastes is highly dangerous and at the same time, the amount of natural ores that are extracted for the production of each smartphone is alarming. Hence, by buying a refurbished or pre-owned iPhone you will be doing mother nature a favor.

So, you now know that it is time to be wise and to check out at least one item from your bucket list. Buy a refurbished or pre-owned iPhone today and flaunt it away. KlickBargain offers the best deals on iPhones in the UAE market. Competitive prices, excellent condition, wide variety, assured warranty and the list goes on. We have curated a comprehensive guide to buying a pre-owned or refurbished iPhone for our UAE readers.

  • Select a model: Select the iPhone model you want to buy from the long list of iPhone models to narrow down your search. KlickBargain offers an extensive range of pre-owned and refurbished iPhone models and variants to its customers.
  • Check the product condition: Check the condition of the phone, how long it has been used, how much repair it has gone through, QC certification, etc. At KlickBargain we have categorized every product into grades basis their condition to help our buyers make a more judicious purchase decision.
  • Compare the prices: Check and compare the price for the selected model across platforms. KlickBargain offers the most reasonable prices for refurbished and pre-owned iPhones in the UAE market.
  • Confirm the warranty status: Check with the seller for the warranty on the product. KlickBargain offers a minimum of 3-months warranty on its products, which may go up to even 12-months for products in new condition.
  • Delivery options and charges: Check with the seller for delivery options, delivery charges, or any hidden costs that may be applicable to avoid uncalled for surprises. KlickBargain offers free doorstep delivery of all the products sold on its platform.
  • Check the return policy: Read the return policy of the seller to be sure you can always undo your purchase if you’re not satisfied with the purchase. KlickBargain offers a 7-day free return on its sold products.
  • Check for seller’s reviews online: Last but not the least, go online and check for the reviews of the seller. This will help you segregate the milk from the water.

We hope that we have been able to guide to enough to be able to make your next purchase of a refurbished or pre-owned iPhone. You may check our FAQ section for more information on our products, policies, and offerings explained for our customers. KlickBargain is one of the most preferred choices for buying refurbished and pre-owned iPhones in UAE. Check all the iPhone models and variants sold on KlickBargain on https://klickbargain.com/pages/our-products