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Welcome to—the premier online site for shopping for pre-owned / certified refurbished consumer electronic products, specially Apple products i.e iPhone and its Accessories. These products are gently used and certified refurbished / renewed available at a fraction of the price that big-name retailers are selling. We believe that price shouldn’t come in the way of you purchasing your dream electronic gadgets, and that’s why we’re proud to offer our products to you.

While many might turn their nose up at the mention of a previously owned phone, buying a pre-owned cellphone is like buying a pre-owned car. You’ll still get a valuable product that works just like it’s brand-new, without the standard mark-up of a brand-new product. In fact, our products can save you 50-60% off the current market value! What’s more? All of our products come with a 6-month warranty so you can have peace of mind when you’re shopping with us.

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Grading Description

New Grade

Brand new, never used, sealed in the original packaging with all the original accessories.

A+ Grade

Fully tested and passed all functional tests, in pristine condition with no sign of previous usage at all. 

A Grade 

Fully tested and passed all functional tests, appear in perfect condition at handheld distance. They may have very minor scratch which can only be visible by close looks

B Grade

Fully tested and passed all functional tests, may have several small scratches on screen as well as on housing. They may have light scuffs on body and small nicks near port or side edge of device.

 C Grade

Fully tested and passed all functional tests, appear light to heavy used. They may have visible deep scratches on screen or housing, few scuffs, scratches and dents on body. They may also have dings, dents and heavy sign of usage at their ports and side edge.

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